Go child free in the Lakes for a change

Child free hotels and bed and breakfasts can suit many a guest. Take the business traveller for instance who may travel all year round, requiring quiet to work or just to relax in peace after a long day.

Then there are child free couples who also may not wish to be staying somewhere where children will be. Then there are of course those who have children who really just need a break from them! Maybe they are requiring a romantic weekend getaway and even if the little ones aren’t their little ones, the reminder and lack of escapism is the same.
All in all, there’s really quite a call for child free travel accommodation. Obviously, not all children are loud, not all children run about but it’s about enabling people to relax and enabling those who wish to stay in a child free environment to do so.

luxury hotel windermere
Peaceful, tranquil, perfect for 2, no kids!

Windermere in the heart of the Central Lake District is extremely family and children friendly with lots and lots to see and do. But it also happens to have recently been voted one of the top 5 most romantic destinations to visit. So you see, the two can sit quite happily together as long as there are both family friendly and couple friendly accommodation venues. With lots of romantic places to walk, eat and sleep, its couples heaven.

Travel and holidays in today’s climate is about giving guests the choice and as there is plenty out there, tailoring the choice specifically to the needs of guests.
For the ultimate in romantic accommodation and confirmed by the recent Tripadvisor Travellers Choice Awards is the Applegarth Villa Hotel & Restaurant in Windermere. With seven brand new luxury hot tub suites to choose from, the hotel and suites are fully adult only ensuring complete escapism.